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Stretch Film

The most common use of stretch film is for unitizing or consolidating products for storage or transport. Stretch film comes in two main categories: machine film and hand film. Both are economical to use and protect your product  from dust and damage.

Machine films possess excellent strength, puncture resistance and stretch capabilities.  They are available in a wide variety of gauges and sizes in both one-sided cling and differential cling.  Best of all you have many options to fit your needs.
Designed for easy application and strength, we offer a variety of hand film including conventional hand film, stiff hand film and high performance hand film. 
  • Industry standard machine-friendly, high clarity film
  • Advanced multiple-layered structured film, 1 side cling 
    1 side no cling for superior strength outstanding puncture
    and tear resistance
  • Engineered film for up to 225% maximum pre-stretch for use on conventional machinery of all load types
  • UVI high performance film that inhibits degradation caused
    ​by ultraviolet rays

  • Color tinted film for efficiently color-coding loads or product 
  • Advanced film with superior cling and high clarity for optimal electronic scanning
  • Stiff film suited for difficult loads because
    of its strength in transverse direction
  • LLDPE film with dependable high holding forcehat and an excellent value
  • Ergonomic lightweight prestretched film that reduces weight by up to 40% and reduces operator fatigue